Saturday, August 14, 2010


I made a bento last night for my daughter to eat today.  Otherwise, she may have animal crackers, or McNuggets and that's just unacceptable for me.  I made a batch of corndog muffins for her.  I usually sneak a little something extra in the muffins, and for this batch I grated some carrots and zucchini in them.  My daughter never knows the difference, and it's just another way to get veggies in her :-)

So for lunch she had a corndog muffin with a cute little bunny peeking out, some carrots sticks (there's ranch on the side), some grapes and cantaloupe cut into little pieces for her. She adores her bento box, and will eat almost anything that comes out of it.

For breakfast/lunch I had a salad from subway with various veggies and chicken.  Then I went to my mom's house and we had tacos!  I had one corn tortilla, and a huge taco salad with lettuce, meat, cheese, and salsa.  Oh, and I had some coconut cream pie and chocolate pie.  Absolutely not good.  I mean, it was good!  Just not good for the diet :-)  I just can't resist my mom's home baked goodies.

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