Friday, August 27, 2010


I went to 7-11 today and MDA was selling bbq for their cause.  I left with a bbq brisket sandwich.  It was pretty good, too much bread though.  I threw half of it away.  I also ate one of my daughter's corndog muffins this morning.

My daughter wanted to help me make her a lunch today.  She's not quite 3, so there wasn't much she could help with :-)

We defrosted a corndog muffin (with shredded carrots in it!) and topped it with a cheddar bear with sugar eyes.  I'm still trying to figure out how to do a mouth for him.  I didn't think a smile would look right.  She's also got some carrots and celery with ranch for dipping.  We also made a pasta salad (it's a box mix, bacon ranch flavor) and topped it with a cheddar kitty cat with pepperoni whiskers and sugar eyes.  She also has pepperoni stars on the pasta salad.  She also had 1/4 of a peach, some red grapes and cantaloupe.  She was really hungry and ate almost everything.

I also had a sandwich from Subway.  Spicy italian on whole wheat.

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