Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I went to lunch with my mom today and we had parrillada.  I hope I spelled that right!  It's grilled steak covered in fajita style bell peppers and onions, bacon and cheese.  It came with a side of pico and a side of sour cream.  So good! 

I packed a lunch for myself to bring to work last night.  It includes 3 scrambled egg muffins which have eggs, turkey, green chilis, spinach and cheese.  Also I have a lettuce & tomato salad with Italian dressing, a small piece of cheese, and my first fruit since starting Atkins; grapes and raspberries!  The raspberries look pretty, but I've decided I don't really care for the taste or texture.  Too bad I have almost a whole container to eat.


  1. I like the scrambled egg muffins! I'm at about 25 carbs a day. So the most fruit I'll eat is the occasional strawberry. Cute lunch!

  2. The scrambled egg muffins look so good! My kids go back & forth on raspberries. I'm pretty sure they like the taste but not the seeds.