Friday, June 25, 2010

New Bento Box!

When I came home, I had a package all the way from Japan.  I was excited, because I knew it was the bento box I ordered from eBay.  When I opened it, I knew it was perfect. . .FOR MY 2 YEAR OLD!  I guess I didn't read the specifications well enough, because seriously, this box is like 6 inches long, LOL.  So I've decided it's my daughter's bento box, and I'm still on the hunt for my own.  I made her a little snack/dinner so she could have a picnic in the living room floor.

She had a flower shaped grilled cheese sandwich and a heart shaped grilled cheese sandwich in the top tier.  In the bottom tier she had a strawberry sliced up, and some goldfish crackers.  (Ok, they are whale crackers from Target.  But the 2 year old believes they are goldfish!)  So it's a really adorable box for her. . .too bad I paid $14 for it.

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