Sunday, July 11, 2010


I spent most of today at home doing some housework and just hanging out.  I had the luxury of sleeping as late as I wanted, because my niece was here looking after my 2 year old.  When I got up I had some low carb spaghetti.  A couple of hours later I had a salad with pepperoni on it and some ranch.  Later this evening I had a carb smart wrap with turkey, lettuce and mustard, along with some zucchini and a tilapia filet.  I went to the grocery store while I was hungry (I know better!) and I debated with myself over buying some carb smart ice cream bars.  I carted them around in my basket for about 10 minutes before I finally put them back.  That's a real testament to my willpower!  A few months ago I would have bought a carton of regular ice cream without any second thoughts.

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