Friday, July 16, 2010


When I got up at brunch/lunch time I had a carb smart tortilla with turkey, lettuce and mustard.  About an hour later I had some turkey with gouda cheese.  I felt like I hadn't eaten anything!

Last night I did a little bit of baking because I was a little sick of salads.  I made some sausage stuffed mushrooms.  I also made some scrambled egg muffins.  The egg muffins are filling, and very low carb.  This variety has mushrooms, sausage, bell peppers, onions, garlic, spinach and some mozzarella cheese.

There's also a cute little fairy peeking out from one of the egg muffins.  I got her along with some other cute picks from eBay.

Since I didn't pack a salad for today I still needed some vegetables.  So I have some cucumbers, celery and half a tomato along with some ranch.  This is the coolest little container.  The middle is built into the bigger portion, and it's got a separate lid to keep dip from getting all over everything.

And last but not least I have some strawberries, cantaloupe and green grapes.  This was a great meal but about 3 hours after I'd eaten I was hungry.  Unfortunately I was stuck at work with nothing to eat.  One of the girls here graciously gave me a ham and cheese sandwich on *white* bread.  So I took off the top piece of bread, which was the thickest, and ate the rest of the sandwich.  My tummy didn't hurt any more but then I kind of felt like a cheater for eating bread.  Oh well, can't beat myself up over it!

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