Monday, July 5, 2010


I usually don't have breakfast because I don't get up early enough for it.  I do, however, have brunch a lot of days.  Today was no exception.  For brunch I had 3 scrambled egg muffins.

For lunch I packed a salad with greens, tomato, gouda cheese and some salmon.  I also packed a fruit salad with strawberries, grapes and kiwi.  I've got to be good the rest of this week to make up for yesterday :-)

For tomorrow's lunch I cooked some chicken breast.  I really wanted fried chicken, but I knew I couldn't have it.  So I started googling and found a recipe for breaded baked chicken.  The catch is that the breading is made up of crushed pork rinds.  So I got some, crushed them, seasoned them with salt, pepper, lemon pepper, garlic and onion powder.  I coated the chicken and baked it.  When it came out the "breading" was crispy and it was really good!  It absolutely didn't taste like pork rinds on chicken, LOL.  I'm sure I'll do that again when I'm really wanting fried chicken.  I had one piece tonight for a late dinner.  The other piece is for tomorrow's lunch.

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