Monday, July 19, 2010


I had some rotisserie chicken, some broccoli with cauliflower and some strawberries for lunch.  I didn't have anything for breakfast.

For dinner I had a salad from Subway which included lots of veggies, chicken and ranch dressing.
When I got home from work I had a carb smart tortilla with roast beef, lettuce and tomato and a piece of my mom's awesome banana nut bread.


  1. Stopping by from Follow me back Tuesday. Also, I'm your latest follower. Have a great day. Nice to meet you.

  2. I'm a new Tuesday follower too! I love the concept for your blog, and I totally agree with you on making sure that you and your little one eat organic, all natural, wholesome foods. It's so important to get them started with healthy eating habits early in life. I'm so glad to find you. Happy Tuesday!

  3. intriguing little box isn't it? very cute too. thanks for stopping by my blog and stay in touch! I love makin and supporting my fellow blogger momma's!

  4. I've got to invest in one of those.

  5. You've got a really cool blog! Thank you for visiting mine and following! I'm following you back now.