Friday, July 9, 2010

New Bento Boxes!

I went to Target today and had a ball in their housewares section.  I found the coolest little box called fit & fresh.  It's a big container that will hold a salad or something similar in the bottom.  Then it's got an ice pack that goes on top of that, and then two small containers that sit on top of the ice pack.  There's a lid that covers everything.  I think it's so cool!  In the picture here, the white cardboard part on the bottom represents the salad or whatever you would put in the bottom.

I also got a salad bowl with a domed lid.  The fantastic part is that the lid houses a fork and a little container to put dressing in! 

And then when I got home I had a package from Japan.  I opened it and found Karma's Hello Kitty bento!  It's adorable.

The spoon and fork fit inside the lid.  It's got two little compartments that come out for easy cleaning.

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