Thursday, July 22, 2010

7/21/10 and a new bento box

The bento box I ordered from Japan finally made it to my home today. This is the second box I ordered from eBay. The first time around I neglected to look at the volume and ended up with a very tiny box. I now use it for my daughter :) So I had to hunt for my own box to use.

It's not pretty by any means; it looks very utilitarian. But it serves its purpose. It's got two tiers, a removable divider for one of them, the tray that holds the two tiers apart, and a lid with a compartment that houses a set of chopsticks. The lid snaps over everything to hold it together. It also came with a little carrying case.

When the whole box is put together it looks very small and compact, but it holds a lot of food. In the top tier I have some fajita chicken with bell peppers and onions. (I just sauteed everything with a little bit of fajita seasoning). In the bottom tier I have some cantaloupe, some grapes, marble cheese and a piece of my mom's homemade banana nut bread. Now before you think I'm losing it - I do realize the banana nut bread is NOT low carb. But if you could taste this bread, you would share my attitude of not-caring-at-this-point. :-)

I also had a low carb wrap with turkey and lettuce, some broccoli and some tilapia throughout the day.

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